A “good” dog!

Between us, Nick and I have owned/grown up with 8+ German Shepherds throughout our lifetime. They have all had different personality traits – good and bad! – and some have been beautiful to look at whereas others have simply been ‘big’.

We both agree though, that our current, now old, dog, is the best of his breed that we have ever owned. Thor was the largest in his litter, and the last to be sold because of his size. We called him Thor, after the Norse God of Thunder, because of the size of his paws. He was an armful at only 10 weeks old when we bought him.

We met his parents – mother a long-haired, black and tan GSD – and his father was a pure white GSD. Thor has an undercoat of pure white hair in places and he has the sweetest nature, plus the loudest, most aggressive bark! He even has a night-time bark – more like the baying of a bloodhound…

He does have the heart of a cowardly lion – hates thunderstorms, wind howling down the chimney, loud noises in general and he weighs around 80lbs! Despite all that, when he passes, he’ll be sorely missed and fondly remembered.

This is one of my fave photos from 2011, edited as follows (in an effort to hide the washing machine and the ugly kitchen floor!!):

  • Bonnie’s intensify – colour dodge @100%; multiply @100% with a mask for himself…
  • Blue me away – hue changed to yellows – soft light @100%
  • Old linen skirt – overlay (100%) twice; then soft light @100%
  • Added a layer for the disc brush and wrote directly onto that.

For PAF now we’re starting again…





Texture Tuesday is back!

Back again with Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesdays….Free & Easy eDition.

Using her “friday” texture in colour burn, multiply and masking my Millie-mou, with her ever-protruding, pink tongue!

Embracing photo-art

I have been a mixed media artist for a long time and last year, for the first time, I was really intrigued by digital art to the extent where I took an online digital portrait class, using just Photoshop to paint pretty girls!

This class/workshop taught me about Photoshop and about myself…

I learnt a lot of tips and tricks from Shwe Khit and gained the confidence I’d been lacking to explore Photoshop myself. I also started to take and use more photos and discovered the world of textures… Bring on 2012, where I am choosing the word “EMBRACE” for this year. That’s my mantra – to embrace all that comes my way – the good, the bad and the downright annoying! I’m sure it will all have a positive side in the long run! 🙂