FEATURING: At last – we’re in print!

FEATURING magazine is out! Now! And I have an article published in the #1, first edition!!!!! I am so pumped I can’t tell you…

That’s the lighter, new and improving me, holding up this wonderful mixed media magazine with my article in it!! What a buzz!

My thanks to Nancy Donaldson, Bonnie Zieman and Jerry Jones for allowing their textures to be used in the process, and published. I gave you all credit in the article! ๐Ÿ™‚


Photo Art Friday… and taking a break!

This will be my last blog post for a while. Life is getting busier on a personal level – I need to address my fitness issues too and I have spent far too long at my PC!!! I shall continue to create photo art and maintain my Flickr account, but the blogs are on the back burner for now.

Our challenge from Bonnie this week, was to use 3 different photos and one of her textures (glorious free to use – DO try them!), to create an abstract of our own… Here’s my before with the pics and texture layer I used:

And here is, (quite fittingly), ย my result:

I think it’s brilliant that my eye remains there – can’t just be a coincidence, can it? Nah!

Here’s another reason to remain fit and well… Nick’s condition (degenerative osteo-arthritis, a crumbling spine and a hiatus hernia) is not improving so we are going to strive for a healthier lifestyle, better diet and more swimming. ย We have a new grandchild on the way and it is so important that we are around to be able to enjoy this new chapter when he/she arrives!

Plus – think of all the photo opportunities!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks to Bonnie for the awesome textures. Do take a look/join in at Photo Art Friday – Pixel Dust Photo Art – Bonnie’s wonderful site.


All fired up for Valentine’s Day!

Are you romantic? Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? We used to, but nowadays we are just a little extra-loving that day… Shrove Tuesday is probably more popular in my house at the moment!!

However, in view of VD drawing nearer, I have been manipulating my own original artwork in Photoshop today…

This is the “rebellious” version… okay?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

And this one is possibly an “Underworld” version… I really love the colour purple, so this one works for me! I used some new grungey textures that Nancy sent us to try out, and they’re really grimey, wonderfully dirty! Strange that rust and dirt should bring such pleasure, isn’t it?

Here’s what Wiki has to say about V.Day… CLICK.

And here’s a link to the Unconditional Love print in my Etsy. I can even modify it for you is you’d prefer a grimier version!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Colour me bold and vivid!

Experimenting (never-ending, isn’t it?!) joyfully, like a child discovering more stuff a toy can do, as I rework the photos of my white roses, thanks to Bonnie at Pixel Dust Photo Art… for PAF this week:

This is abstraction reached using Bonnie’s off_kilter texture… ( 1st. layer(s) difference @100% x2, then saturation @100%)… Lovely and vivid, isn’t it? Yum!

Another photo, using chinks_of_light this time… Blend modes – hue x2 @100%; hard mix @47%; altered the colour/balance; used pin light @100% and posterized edges!) Voila!

Bonnie’s approach, like that of Nancy Donaldson, is so playful and adventurous, I just love it! She also has some really cool stuff to photograph in her garden… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Join in the fun by following my links above. ๐Ÿ™‚

York vs. Lancaster

Lancaster’s red rose

Far from my fav’rite colour –

Too cheesy by far!

I have not always disliked red roses, but I’d never buy them or be happy to receive them. It harks back to a distant episode in my past… White roses, however, are amongst my favourites and I bought myself a bunch a few weeks ago, purely to photograph, though they gave me much, much more. They had the most delightful, heady bouquet, which was so unexpected and they lingered on, slowly unfurling their waxy petals, for a couple of weeks – far longer than I had expected!

I did cheat and colour one of the roses for the purposes of illustration!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Textures are courtesy of Nancy Donaldson – thanks so much =)

War of the roses link HERE (while Wikipedia is open, anyway…)

Haiku my Heart, hosted by Rebecca every Friday, over at Recuerda mi corazon.

Benjamin Franklin’s view on marriage!

For TT this week, we are to use the prompt “open” and use at least one of Kim’s texture layers…

I used a photo of some white roses opening for the prompt, and like my pal Johanna, I found an appropriate quote, using the word “open”.

Who’d have thought Ben Franklin would say that? Lol! (Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards…)

I used Kim’s confidence [colour burn @100%, then copied with multiply @21%]

Then I took the paper texture evolve_2 [multiply @100% & copied with colour burn @100%]

I used a mask on the last layer to remove some of the texture from the central rose…

Lots of inspiring photos to be found HERE.

Roses, poles apart?!

Playing with new textures from Nancy Donaldson!!

This is the first one I did, probably with colour burn (my fave blend mode…)

This one uses Pole 6 & 7 textures and the last mode was exclusion! Love this one – it’s so dramatic!

These are 2 photos of my white roses, superimposed one over the base layer. The top layer was added with soft light and if I can find the “recipe”, I’ll pop it in here!! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you click on the link, you can join in with this challenge – Nancy has her textures on Flickr, free to use! She’s also blogged how she created her own stunning photos… Enjoy!

PAF – Photo Art Friday

Gizmo does DeNiro! For this week’s Photo Art Friday…

Using Bonnie’s Free to you textures – Faded Fresco (changed the hue/saturation on this one for a better fit), and Sweet Secret – 1 x vivid light (100%) and 1 x soft light (100%). I put Faded Fresco over the top, using hard light blend mode and removed the texture from the birdie!

Giz is a 6 year old Conure African Grey parrot – pure female, with hormones to match. She adores my husband and considers him to be HER husband! She detests me and gets along with our DD. We’ve had her since she was 4 month old and she talks beautifully (mostly!). Of course she swears, sings, imitates the phone’s ring tone, barks like the dogs and can even mimic the gurgling noise of the fridge… She’s a lot of fun and her “comic timing” is impeccable!

She’ll be left to DD in our wills, as she is likely to live some 60-70 years! From beyond the grave, eh?!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Texture Tuesdays – The Embrace eDition

Using Kim’s Embrace texture and a French postcards brush…

Same texture, Victorian frame brush, same vase of white roses… Lots of lovely photo-art to be found here. =D

My Memories Freebies!

The good people over at My Memories have given us links to some FREE .png files to use for making Quick Pages, or embellishing our photos. I have taken full advantage of that, using a couple of pics that DD took of the feathered fiend that is Gizmo…

I opened the Page in Photoshop and then layered my photo behind the frame, having made it a bit smaller first. I copied the flowers to add accents and added the text, matching one of the colours in the striped paper. Quick and neat, eh?

This second Page also started out with a yellow (matching) background, which I changed with hue/saturation, to green…ย 

I added layers of brushes and resized and duplicated the flower embellies! She does look good behind bars, doesn’t she? Hehehe!!!

To grab yourselves a set of these FREEBIES, click HERE.

To win 2 more sets of FREEBIES, just use them to create your own quick and fun pet portrait and leave a comment on my blog with a link to them/it!ย This is just for fun and I’ll give the link to the other sets to you if you join in!!

My Memories is such a fun and easy way to scrap(book) or enhance your photos digitally. You can always print them out afterwards… If you decide to buy the My Memories Suite v.3, please take advantage of the special saver code in my sidebar when you go to checkout…ย STMMMS23226 – get yourself some $$$ off!